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Instant Wall Planter

Today we are going to do an open box review on the 5x7 Instant Wall Planter sent to us from Nature Hills Nursery.

As you open the package you will notice it comes with a nice frame to place your plants in. It also includes pins to hold the plants, an attachable easel should you want to display on a table, and removable drainage reservoir.

Placing and locking the plant into the frame is very easy. The soil included in your potted plants should provide enough soil to fill the tray. It is recommended you add moss between plants to get a nice snug fit. The picture below shows the pins used to lock all of the plants in place.

Once you have all of your plants locked in place you will want to turn the planter over to ensure nothing falls out. If everything is secure you can either add the easel as shown in the picture below or hang it on the wall.

The below picture shows the watering tray at the top and the removable drainage reservoir at the bottom.

All and all this seem to be a very quick and easy way to create a beautiful living art display.

I will post more comments and actual picture once we put ours together. The Instant Wall planters come in three different sizes (8x10, 5x7, and 4x6). Please select the below shop button to visit Nature Hills Nursery and buy yours today.


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